Holeless Hydraulic

This Elevator model meets the need for accommodating difficult geological situations; bedrock or unstable silts which can drive drilling costs out of control. Since no well-hole is required, this system can work as an above-ground installation servicing isolated floors in high-rise applications.

Available in 2000-lb. through 4000-lb. capacities with travels up to three floors (or more under special conditions), this series incorporates our advanced hydraulic jack technology and the highest quality machinery and support components.

For brochure, download the CE-P08HL PDF file.

Freight Elevator​​

Our freight elevators are at work delivering the reliable performance industry demands for efficient and profitable operation.

Whether you need a sidewalk lift, auto, truck or virtually any other special purpose freight elevator system, you’ll want to tap into elevator engineering expertise. We’ll solve your vertical freight transportation problem with a state-of-the-art computerized design. You’ll receive a system that was assembled before it left our plant, assuring you a proper, trouble-free installation at the site.

Complete pre-assembly and Q.C. testing at our plant before shipping.
We can supply any type freight elevator door required.
Available with Class A, B, C1, C2, C3 loading capability.

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Freight Elevator PDF file.

In-Ground Hydraulic Elevator​

To satisfy the requirements of most conventional, hole-type elevator applications in buildings up to six floors or more, our pre-engineered, single-jack passenger elevators are manufactured in 2000-lb. through 4000-lb. capacities.

They incorporate our advanced hydraulic jack technology and the highest quality machinery and support components. Choose from a variety of architectural designs that permit flexibility in coordinating with many decors and environs.

Like all of our elevator systems, all components in this series are unequalled for efficient, reliable operation. They also provide a simplified service format for low-cost maintenance over the long term.

 For brochure, download the 
CE-P09H PDF file.

  • Vertical rise car gate - Single or double section
  • Car and hatch wire ways
  • Car-Top station - Cam-limits - Leveling switches
  • Pit stop switch
  • Oil line

National Elevator Company

Installation, Serivce & Repair

New Equipment

National Elevator specializes in the installation of new elevators, especially in unique or custom conditions. Whether you are building a new facility or renovating an existing structure, we can design, engineer, build and install elevators to meet your specific needs. We use the finest products available, mostly American made.

The international elevator companies all have their standard catalog of elevator models & sizes and are typically limited to providing those products. That's not a problem for National. We will design, engineer, build and install elevators that will fit your unique design needs.

Every job is custom engineered to assure the proper fit, structural integrity, and code compliance. Owners, architects and general contractors are all too familiar with typical, "pre-engineered" layouts provided by the international elevator companies. The "cookie cutter" drawings are often fill-in-the-blanks forms, filled in by who-knows-who. National Elevators drawings are custom drawn and plotted to scale for each job. They include a level of design detail, rarely provided by the competition.

We only use non-proprietary components and systems. That allows you the freedom to select your elevator maintenance provider. All of the international elevator companies insist on providing their own brand of elevator controls, door equipment, fixtures and etcetera, which makes it difficult or expensive to maintain. We are a local company, not national, and we want to earn your business and develop a long term partnership.

Traction Elevator

This design utilizes a geared machine, ropes, and counterweights instead of hydraulic equipment. The main guide rails are mounted on each side of the car and an additional pair of counterweight rails is located on one side or at the rear. The geared machine, along with the related drive equipment, is generally located above the hoistway in a penthouse machine room. In some limited situations, it can be located next to the hoistway at a lower landing. This latter arrangement is referred to as a basement traction.

Dual-roped Hydraulic - Paragon by Canton​

Our Paragon™ line of dual-roped hydraulic elevator systems provides the industry’s widest selection in the class to meet almost any passenger application requiring travels up to 100-feet. These elevators are NEII and ADA compliant.

Canton Elevator’s research and system configuration development for the Paragon system has produced the most advanced thinking in its class and a notably simplified installation process. Many sub-assemblies have been modularized at the factory to save costly, on-site assembly time. From an owner’s perspective, Paragon engineering presents one of the most efficient, easy-to-access hardware packages available. This translates into quicker maintenance and less downtime.
When you choose Canton Elevator, you receive the highest quality and all the engineering support you may need.

For brochure, download the Dual Roped Twin Jack PDF file.


Furnished as complete systems or your choice of components

  • Sling - Platform - Tie rods - Guide shoes
  • Complete cab includes lights and escape hatch
  • Jack(s) - Buffers - Hitch plate
  • Pump unit
  • Rail brackets​